Pet dog left with eight-inch wound after suspected Musselburgh knife attack

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A DISTRAUGHT dog owner has told of her horror after finding her beloved pet with an eight-inch slash wound down her side.

Two-year-old Lab-staffie cross Sage needed 16 stitches in the gaping wound suffered while playing in the garden on Thursday.

Owner Courtney-Ann Cartledge, from Musselburgh, rushed her to the vet to be told Sage might have been attacked.

“The vet said it could’ve been done with a knife because it was such a clean cut,” said B&Q worker Courtney, 18.

“It’s just unbelievable that somebody could do this.”

Subdued Sage has been left too nervous to go outside after the ordeal.

“She’s recovering but it’s really uncomfortable for her,” said Courtney. “We’ve had to go back to the vets to get more painkillers because she’s in so much pain.

“I’m heartbroken. She is such a good natured dog who will go to anybody but she’s been so nervous and withdrawn after this.

“I really hope someone is caught because I just can’t believe someone would do that to an animal – and I don’t want them doing it to anyone else.”

Concerned Courtney has now reported what happened to the police.

“The garden has been checked several times and there is nothing we can see that would have caused this,” she said.

A police spokeswoman confirmed they were aware of the incident.