Phase 2 of Capital 20mph zones ‘on the way’

Phase 2 of the 20mph scheme is to begin in February.
Phase 2 of the 20mph scheme is to begin in February.
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NEW 20mph signs will start appearing across the city from next month ahead of the next phase of the Capital’s slower speed limit coming into force at the end of February.


Picture; Jon Savage

Picture; Jon Savage

Following the introduction of the 20mph limit in the city centre and rural west Edinburgh on July 31, the second phase of the city-wide scheme extends from Leith all the way to Morningside.

The council says reduced speeds make it easier for people, especially children and the elderly, to cross roads and help make people feel safer in their communities. Arterial roads will keep their 30mph and 40mph limits.

Transport convener Lesley Hinds said:

“We’re now almost exactly four months into our 18-month roll-out of 20mph to residential and shopping streets across Edinburgh. Initial feedback from our ongoing monitoring and research suggests high levels of awareness about the scheme and our task as the project moves on to the next stage is to keep up that momentum with our communications campaign, making sure residents and visitors know where the new limits will apply and understand the reasons for introducing slower speeds in the Capital.”

Police have carried out 21 speed checks to enforce the new 20mph limit and have issued tickets or warnings to at least three drivers during each check. In total, they have handed out 68 warnings and 13 tickets.