Police probe fans following station fight between Hibs and Falkirk supporters

Hibs fans at Falkirk. Picture; Michael Gillen
Hibs fans at Falkirk. Picture; Michael Gillen
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HIBS fans fought counterparts from Falkirk Football Club at a train station, according to reports being investigated by transport police.

The clash took place at Falkirk Grahamston station after the two sides met in a Scottish Championship match.

Passengers captured the fight on video, revealing how several men threw kicks and punches.

One Twitter user posted: “As a fellow Falkirk fan this lot are utterly cringeworthy and probably attend three games a year if you’re lucky.” The match ended 2-1 to Hibs. A British Transport Police spokesman said it was believed that the incident “involved supporters from Hibernian Football Club and Falkirk Football Club”.

He added: “British Transport Police takes any incidents of violence seriously and in line with our Football Strategy, any such instances will be rigorously investigated and all offenders identified will be put before the relevant courts. We are aware that this incident has been recorded and posted on to social media sites and investigations are ongoing.”