‘Splash park’ for Edinburgh?

Spittal Splash Park in Berwick
Spittal Splash Park in Berwick
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It would certainly prove a big hit with families across Edinburgh and beyond.

Support is growing on a popular Facebook page dedicated to Portobello for an outdoor ‘splash park’.

Parents said they would love to see a large paddling pool with various features for children brought to the area.

After visiting one in Berwick recently, a mum said: “Certainly a lot more happening on our beach front than theirs so made me think why not one here?”

Another said: “I totally love splash parks when we go on holiday, I’d love if there was one in Portobello.”

Meanwhile, a mum said her son would not be put off by Scotland’s varying climate.

She said: “There are great ones at Carnoustie and Montrose, but I’ve always thought Porty should get one too. My son loves them even when it’s cold and cloudy.”

We asked city chiefs if they would support such a move and they said it would be considered if a local councillor raised the possibility.