Quiz: Can you identify these Edinburgh streets?

How good is your Edinburgh geography?
How good is your Edinburgh geography?

You have probably walked these streets a hundred times - but can you name them under pressure?

From the Royal Mile to Princes Street, Edinburgh is full of famous streets.

We're all used to seeing the same iconic images of the city's Old Town, but how well do you know the rest of the city?

Put your geography knowledge to the test with our tricky photo quiz.

A colourful history

Home to literary sons and daughters through the ages, such as Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Walter Scott and Muriel Spark, it is hardly surprising that Edinburgh’s street names are playful and poetic.

According to late Edinburgh author Charles Boog Watson, Salamander Street in Leith takes its name from the salamander lizard (which folklore says can survive the flames of a fire) as this is the only creature that could live in such conditions.

World's End is the final close before the Canongate, named years ago when some poorer Edinburgh residents couldn’t even afford to leave the city walls - the street was the figurative end of their world.

Cuddy means ‘donkey’ or ‘stupid’ in the Scottish dialect. The Morningside street Cuddy Lane is named after its residents, according to Watson. He doesn’t specify whether this is in reference to the animals or the locals.

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