Racist Twitter troll deletes account after getting owned by Scotrail

A Twitter troll has deleted his account after Scotrail responded to his complaints about a Pakistani driver.

Ali Roberts, using the username @Aliii1690, asked to make a formal complaint to Scotrail last night at 6:35pm tweeting: “I’d like to make a formal complaint about your seating situation.

“You have a Pankistani driving one of your trains... Do you feally think that’s safe.”

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Scotrail responded to the blatant racist tweet simply stating: “Yes. Very safe. Feel free to walk instead.”

Roberts, who had a Union Jack at the end of one of his tweets, and in the background of his Twitter account appeared to be staggered by the response writing: “The cheek” with another Union Jack emoji attached.

Scotrail have been praised for how they handled the matter.

Scotrail have been praised for how they handled the matter.

The tweet was quickly latched on to by other social media users who praised Scotrail.

Replying on the thread, one user wrote: “I would personally like to thank Scotrail and their social media officer, both for this thread and for the general excellence of their staff.”

Dean Lambert wrote: “Well done @ScotRail on the way you handled that. I don’t think I would have been so polite in my answer but it would have been very similar to yours”

Another user added: “Half the fun of Twitter is seeing accounts like this Aliii1690 get zapped almost right in front of your eyes. Plus another thumbs up for the railway industry in the way a Twitter team handled this.”

The Scotrail response has been praised by many.

The Scotrail response has been praised by many.

Thomas McGrory wrote: “@ScotRail we don’t often see eye to eye, but I firmly stand by you on this one!”

Alliii1960 has since deleted his tweets and accounts.