Readers react to ‘cheapest airport bus link’ being scrapped

Readers have been fast to react to the news. Picture; Ian Georgeson
Readers have been fast to react to the news. Picture; Ian Georgeson
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The cheapest bus link to Edinburgh Airport is being rebranded in a move that will end the last standard fare route on Lothian Buses.

The 35 service from Ocean Terminal to Edinburgh Airport is to become Skylink 300 from October 1.

Fares to Edinburgh Airport on Skylink 300 will be brought into line with those on other airport services.

Evening News readers have been quick to react to the news with many bemoaning the recent change.

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Writing on the Edinburgh Evening News Facebook page Michele Liston wrote: “We now have the Skylink 200 on our route but at £4.50 to the airport when you are travelling as a family it’s cheaper to get a taxi, and easier as its door to door. Good for sole travellers.”

Catriona Margaret said: “The 35 goes around the moon to get there - I thought that was the compromise. Used it a couple of times when I lived in Gorgie and just going slateford to the airport took about 30-45min depending on traffic, I wouldn’t pay £4.50 for that.

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Denis Chauvet admitted that the change would have an impact on him writing: “Whenever I come to Edinburgh, we take the 35 from the airport to the centre of the city. There is no use of those new blue buses which will charge nearly as three times the price (£1.60/£4.60).”

Craig Bell griped: “This is just the usual greediness to get people to use the expensive trams to the airport. The 100 bus is not convenient for everybody.”

William Kay wrote: “Hardly unexpected. I always found it odd that one route seemed different from the others. If you have a Ridacard won’t that cancel it out?

Many people asked if they’d be able to use their railcard on the route to which Lothian Buses replied “It’s the same route and your Ridacard will be valid in the full route.”