Readers react to Edinburgh schools partaking in Meat Free Monday

The Meat Free Monday decision has divided opinion
The Meat Free Monday decision has divided opinion
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It was announced today that All primary schools in Edinburgh are to partake in the Meat Free Monday campaign going forward.

The move saw The Capital becoming the first local authority in Scotland to drop meat from its lunch menu every Monday.

And the move has divided opinion of parents and readers of the Edinburgh Evening News.

Janice Davidson wrote on the Edinburgh Evening News Facebook page: “So wrong. They should choose whether or not they want meat or not , not have this forced upon them.

“Some folk can’t eat vegetables due to health reasons believe it or not.

“Stupid idea and not very well thought through”

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John Graham wrote: “Shocking this is wrong and it could breach basic human rights.

“People in prison get a choice and kids don’t that’s disgusting behaviour from schools”

Jennifer Dickson said: “So surely in turn schools should also have a meat only day just to balance things out”

Rodger Bruton surmised: “Honestly this nanny state is getting worse”

However, many were in favour of the move.

Amanda Davies wrote: “Some people honestly need to get a grip, moaning there isn’t meat in 5 days a week. That’s bad for you anyway.

“Away buy a steak and feed your kids with it tonight. I’m a parent that actually likes this, it’s better for them anyways.”

Nadine Piontek added: “I am sure one day without meat is not going to kill you. Humans eat too much of it and cutting down one day is not that big of a deal.”

Aileen Stewart Pugh said: “Theirs a lot kids will go hungry most kids don’t like veg so their going to make chunkie veg curry how disgusting”