Revealed: A typical Airbnb host in Edinburgh earns over £4,000 a year

A ‘typical’ Airbnb host in Edinburgh earns over £4,000 according to new data from the website.

The figure was revealed as part of new transparency data shared globally in an attempt from Airbnb to drive healthy tourism that benefits communities.

The new data gave insights into Airbnb in Edinburgh

The new data gave insights into Airbnb in Edinburgh

The new data, analyses stats from 2017 and forms part of an ongoing commitment to transparency with local governments.

According to the study from Airbnb which analysed decision on stays and overall spending habits, The vast majority of guests say they chose Airbnb because they want to live like a local and because it is more convenient than hotel locations.

53% of guests said that the money they saved from using Airbnb was spent at local businesses.

In Edinburgh, the data shows that guests from more than 150 countries used Airbnb in the Capital and that the typical host earned £4,255 renting out their space 41 days year

Airbnb’s Global Head of Policy and Communications, Chris Lehane said: “With travel and tourism growing faster than most of the rest of economy, it is critical that as

many people as possible are benefiting - and right now not all tourism is created equal. “

He added:“Airbnb supports tourism that is local, authentic, diverse, inclusive and sustainable.

“Through the meaningful income earned by our global community of hosts; our ability to promote tourism to places that need it the most; and the inherent sustainable residents, and travelers alike.”

The new data coincides with Airbnb launching its new Office of Healthy Tourism, an initiative to help drive local, authentic and sustainable tourism in countries and cities across the globe.

Across the world there are 4.85 million listings on Airbnb in more than 191 countries.