Ryanair criticised as boys football team miss Dutch trip in check-in blow

An RAC report has claimed Edinburgh Airport has some of the worst value parking out of all UK transport hubs
An RAC report has claimed Edinburgh Airport has some of the worst value parking out of all UK transport hubs
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Ryanair have been slammed by parents of a boys football team who missed a flight to the Netherlands to take part in a tournament.

Early morning traffic chaos on the M8 resulted in a lengthy delay for the seventeen boys, coaches and parents fly from Edinburgh Airport after getting a bus from Hamilton.

A four vehicle collision resulted in lengthy delays at junction 6 of the M8, with the coach arriving a mere 40 minutes before take off.

However, the parents of the children, who had called ahead to inform Ryanair of the delay were left aghast after the flight operater staff refused to let the party on board.

Of the 37 travelling with the party, a number were unable to get through departures after 5 of the youngsters were classed as adults on tickets.

A number of other members were turned away at the gate.

The team, all aged 12 and 13, play for Eddlewood FC and were due to compete in a tournament near Eindhoven tomorrow.

45-year-old Jill Scott was going on the trip with her 13-year-old son son Scott.

Speaking to the Daily Record she said: “We should have got to the airport at 7am. The Eindhoven flight was at 8.55am.

“When the traffic came to a standstill, the anxiety levels went so high. Due to the accident, we didn’t arrive until 8.15am but we still hoped we could make it.

“Most of our group got their bags checked and went through security to the gate, where the plane was still sitting at 8.55am.

“But Ryanair refused to let them on. If Ryanair had held that flight for 10 minutes, they would’ve been on it.”

The trip cost £7000, mostly paid for through fundraising by the players.

Jill, a paediatric specialist from Hamilton, added: “When we phoned Ryanair from the motorway, they told us they’d put us on another flight – but there were no other flights.

“They were offering things like getting 13 people to Germany and then getting a bus from there, while two or three people would fly from Manchester and so on.

“Ryanair wanted more money for it but it wasn’t going to work anyway. I’m disgusted. Ryanair were very unhelpful.

“We checked other airlines and ferries but nothing could accommodate us. It was horrible to see the boys so disappointed. Some of them were in tears. They’d been looking forward to it for months.”

Claire McKinven, 35, from Hamilton, who was travelling with son Leo, 12, said: “I’m sure Ryanair could’ve done more for us.”

A Ryanair spokesman said: “While we regret any inconvenience, it is each customer’s responsibility to ensure they arrive in time for their flight.

“Ryanair are not responsible for motorway delays. The customers in question were offered alternative flight options.”