Scot accuses Tesco of ‘discrimination’ for Burns Night haggis snub

Tesco is under fire from an angry Scot for not stocking any haggis in East London
Tesco is under fire from an angry Scot for not stocking any haggis in East London
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A FURIOUS expat Scot has accused Tesco of “discrimination” after discovering they couldn’t supply him with haggis in London - on Burns Night.

John-Paul Greenock, originally from Edinburgh but now living in Leytonstone in East London, had hoped to enjoy the national dish for dinner.

But he was disappointed to discover none of his local Tesco stores stocked the savoury pudding.

He messaged the supermarket’s Twitter page to say they should be ashamed of themselves, adding the lack of haggis was “disgraceful” and that he felt discriminated against.

Tesco replied offering to look into the problem to see if they could provide the event manager with a tasty treat for his Burns’ dinner.

However, their attempt to placate the angry customer proved fruitless as it turned out there was no haggis in his area.

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The first message from Mr Greenock to Tesco last Wednesday read: “So Tesco does not sell Haggis in London for Burns Day? Absolutely disgraceful. They should be so ashamed of themselves.”

The supermarket chain replied saying: “Hi John-Paul, I’d like to look into this for you. Can you please DM me your postcode so I can check your surrounding area?”

Mr Greenock provided this, adding: “No Haggis anywhere from Tescos and that sucks. Bad customer care, bad service, just bad.”

Tesco then replied: “Hey John-Paul. Sorry you can’t find any haggis in London. Which one were you looking for?”. The supermarket posted a link to their website showing they had various options including vegetarian.

After no reply was forthcoming from the Scot, they came back to him again to try and find out which haggis he was after.

He proudly informed them he was looking for “proper haggis”, but it made no difference as their search did not turn up any.

Another apology followed.

Tesco said from their official account: “Hi John, I am sorry it doesn’t look like any of your local stores have any haggis. I totally understand this will be disappointing. I’m up in Dundee, so if I was able to send you down some I would.

“I’ll get this fed back to my support team, so hopefully in future we can get this in stores in London. Hope this helps.”

Mr Greenock remained angry, writing: “Why? So many Scottish in East London and I feel discriminated against. Morrisons/Asda/Waitrose/Sainsburys have it.

“A massive brand like yours and no haggis on Burns Day. Shocking.”

There are more than 108,000 Scots living in London.

There are Burns clubs, which give expats a chance to savour haggis, neeps and tatties on the bard’s birthday.

Various pubs and restaurants also offer Scottish cuisine for a taste of home.

At least 13 events specifically for Burns night will be put on, including Burns Night Supper Club at the Pear Tree Cafe in Battersea Park and a full week of celebrations at Mac and Wild in Fitrzrovia.

On Tesco’s website, they claim to offer three different types of haggis, including a vegetarian option costing £2.70 and meaty versions for £2 or £3.50.

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