Security measures for Robbie Williams’ concert revealed

A number of items will be prohibited.
A number of items will be prohibited.

FANS heading to Robbie Williams’ Capital gig are being warned not to bring big bags and only carry essentials amid tight security following the London terror attacks.

Checks will be stepped up when tens of thousands of fans flock to see the former Take That star perform at Murrayfield on Friday night.

Concert goers have been told to arrive early with a pre-show bar outside the stadium open from 3pm and the arena itself from 5pm.

Food and drink brought from outside will be confiscated while drinking water will be available at various points around the stadium.

Support act Erasure are due to start their set at 7.30pm with the Angels singer expected to take to the stage at around 8.45pm.

A Scottish Rugby spokesman said: “The safety of all visitors is of paramount importance. The safety measures we have in place are constantly under review, in liaison with the relevant agencies.”