Seven places to potentially catch Leonardo DiCaprio

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio at Home Restaurant on Queensferry Street. Picture; Greg Macvean
Actor Leonardo DiCaprio at Home Restaurant on Queensferry Street. Picture; Greg Macvean
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Leonardo DiCaprio made headlines across the globe yesterday when he descended on the Capital.


However, apart from visiting Home and speaking at an awards ceremony, the details of his Scottish visit are very much unknown.

So where do you have the best chance of potentially catching Leo?


Leo is, of course, a big fan of everything environmentally friendly, so he’ll probably pop by the super vegan-organic-locally sourced-no added sugar restaurant that is Hendersons. Tofu Teriyaki, Leo?

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Dynamic Earth

And after a nibble of Hendersons’ famous Green Tea and Mint Cake, Leo will probably want to revel in his green lifestyle by visiting Dynamic Earth and marvelling at the beauty that he is personally helping to preserve.

Royal Botanic Garden

And then off to the Botanic Gardens. Because everyone loves a good cactus.

The Royal Yacht Britannia

Leo is famously very fond of boats- wasn’t there some film involving Leo and a big boat? So perhaps we might see him hanging round Ocean Terminal and popping over to visit “Scotland’s Best Visitor Attraction”.

Edinburgh Zoo

In 2011, Leo actively campaigned to release Tony the tiger from the Tiger Truck Stop in Louisiana. So maybe stay away from the zoo this morning in case Leo decides to stop by and give the lions a taste of freedom.

The Cameo

Now that Leo is an Oscar-winning actor (finally), he’ll probably want to stop by and check that the competition is getting too fierce. Apparently that Jake Gyllenhaul is getting too big for his boots.

The Number 47 Bus to Granton

Because we all know that this is how he gets around...