Silent fireworks ‘would disappoint audience’

Plans had been proposed to create 'silent fireworks'
Plans had been proposed to create 'silent fireworks'
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A CALL for silent fireworks at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebrations appears to have fizzled out.

Tory councillor Joanna Mowat suggested the move after receiving objections from people complaining that defeaning firworks displays were having a negative impact on their lives. But a report by council officials says there is no evidence that noise levels experienced by the general public stemming from organised fireworks displays in the city are exceeding safe limits.

It notes that laser and lighting displays were used to augment the 2016 Hogmanay fireworks, but there were no plans for them to replace fireworks entirely. It says there is little evidence that fireworks displays have a detrimental impact on the health.

And it adds there is a wealth of information for pet-owners to help them minimise any distress from fireworks.

The report concludes by observing: “The public who attend large-scale fireworks displays expect to hear explosions and loud bangs as part of the experience, and these add to the sense of occasion and celebration which organisers endeavour to create.”