‘Stop all this tram nonsense’: Readers react to Leith Walk tram blueprint

First look at artists impresions of how the trams will look going down Leith
First look at artists impresions of how the trams will look going down Leith
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Cars could be set to share single lanes with trams along part of Leith Walk under blueprints for the next stage of Edinburgh’s tram project.

Edinburgh City Council is shaking up its design for the proposed extension of the tramline to Newhaven – and work could start on the scheme by spring next year, subject to approval.

But there has been a pretty frosty reception to the latest developments online.

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Reader Ken Johnston was blunt in his assessment of the options. “Don’t extend the trams down Leith Walk,” he said on Facebook.

In another post, he added: “Of course they could always do the right thing - spend the money on fixing Edinburgh’s potholes and deteriorating roads. And they could empty a few refuse bins while they’re at it.”

Ronnie Wood said: “Stop all this tram nonsense, there are far more pressing matters to concentrate on in Edinburgh - social care, schools, roads, pavements...the list is endless and requires attention b4 the council’s vanity project!”

Bruce Allan was one of a number of readers to urge the council to pay more attention to the roads, rather than the beleaguered tram project.

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He said: “Fix the roads the people of Edinburgh don’t and did not want the trams in the first place waste of money.”

Alan Dougal labelled the trams a ‘tourist train’ and said: “Think of the people of Edinburgh who have this forced upon them, when Edinburgh has one of the best bus services in the world.

“Never mind the disruption this has already caused for the people who live along its route.”

Bob Gartland is worried what the project might mean for drivers. “If this go ahead forget about using your car to go down Leith Walk as you will be stuck behind a line of buses and trams going no where fast,” he said.

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