The fight is on for the City Chambers

Greens Melanie Main is expected to be relected. Picture; Ian Georgeson
Greens Melanie Main is expected to be relected. Picture; Ian Georgeson
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As the political parties battle it out across the Capital in the run-up to the May 4 elections for the city council, Ian Swanson continues our ward-by-ward analysis of the contests, the candidates and the possible outcomes


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City Centre

2012: Jo Mowat (Con) Alasdair Rankin (SNP)Karen Doran (Lab)


Karen Doran (Lab)

Claire Miller (Green)

Jo Mowat (Con)

Alasdair Rankin (SNP)

Peter Sidor (Scottish Libertarian Party)

David Stevens (Lib Dem)

THERE’S an extra seat up for grabs as this ward – which runs from Tollcross to Dumbiedykes and taking in the Old and New Towns – moves from three to four councillors.

But none of the parties is standing more than one candidate. That means the fourth slot has to be a fight between the Greens and the Lib Dems, with the Greens as favourite.

All three of the sitting councillors are seeking re-election and can be confident of getting in.

The Tories – who topped the poll last time with 27.7 per cent of the votes – did consider running a second candidate, but stuck with one.

Equally the SNP, on 25 per cent last time, might have been expected to field two, but are not.

The Greens have come close to winning here before, polling around 17 per cent in both 2007 and 2012. Candidate Claire Miller is on New Town and Broughton community council.

The Lib Dems did win a seat here in 2007 with almost 20 per cent of the vote – when Labour failed – but their vote collapsed to just eight per cent in 2012. Their candidate this time is David Stevens, a former teacher who has lived in Broughton since 1998.

Leith Walk

(4 councillors)

2012: Deidre Brock (SNP)Angela Blacklock (Lab) Maggie Chapman (Green) Nick Gardner (Lab)

2015 by-election: Lewis Ritchie (SNP), Marion Donaldson (Lab)


Marion Donaldson (Lab)

Nick Gardner (Lab)

David Don Jacobsen (Socialist Labour Party)

Cristina Marga (Con)

Amy McNeese-Mechan (SNP)

Alan Gordon Melville (Ind)

Susan Rae (Green)

Lewis Ritchie (SNP)

Harald Tobermann (Ind)Vita Zaporozcenko (Lib Dem)

LABOUR has three councillors in this ward going into the election – but could come out of it with just one.

The double by-election after Deidre Brock quit on becoming an MP and Maggie Chapman also stood down produced an SNP replacement for Ms Brock but Labour beat the Greens for the other seat.

The Greens are hopeful they can win it back on May 4 and are fielding the same candidate – local activist Susan Rae – as in the by-election.

Angela Blacklock, who took 21.3 per cent of the vote in 2012, lost out in Labour’s selection process, but Marion Donaldson and Nick Gardner are standing again.

The SNP may well pick up a second seat at Labour’s expense. Lewis Ritchie is standing again and is joined by Amy McNeese-Mechan, who used to work in Japan.


(4 councillors)

2012: Mark McInnes (Con), Melanie Main (Green), Paul Godzik (Lab), Sandy Howat (SNP)


Nick Cook (Con)

Sandy Howat (SNP)

Chris Land (Con)

Melanie Main (Green)

Neil Ross (Lib Dem)

Mandy Watt (Lab)

NOT many councillors quit because they have been appointed to the House of Lords. But that’s why Tory Mark McInnes – who took nearly 30 per cent of the votes in 2012 – is standing down here.

Based on the recent upturn in Tory support, the party is fielding two candidates – transport spokesman Nick Cook, who is moving from his current ward Liberton/Gilmerton, and business consultant Chris Land.

The Greens are confident of getting Melanie Main re-elected. And with the SNP still riding high in the polls Sandy Howat can be expected to win again.

Labour’s Paul Godzik is standing down. New candidate Mandy Watt works for Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre and the Zero Tolerance charitable trust.

Lib Dems, fielding Neil Ross, say this is a target seat.


(4 councillors)

2012: Gavin Corbett (Green), Andrew Burns (Lab), David Key (SNP).


Gavin Corbett (Green)

Andrew Johnston (Con)

David Key (SNP)

Jenni Lang (Lib Dem)

Rojan Subramani (Ind)

Anne Wimberley Lab)

THE Tories missed out on a seat here last time – and now they have high hopes that Labour council leader Andrew Burns’ decision to step down means they can take his place.

Cllr Burns has been on the council for 18 years and opponents believe his consensual style and non-partisan reputation have helped win him many votes which might not automatically transfer to Labour’s new candidate, retired teacher Anne Wimberley.

The Greens, SNP, Labour and the Tories were all within three percentage points of each other last time and boundary changes this time are said to have made their positions even closer. So if Labour popularity dips, Tory candidate Andrew Johnston – who has been working for Tory MEP Ian Duncan – would be well placed to take the seat. The Tories finished in first place in this ward in 2007, but saw their vote slump in 2012.

The Greens’ Gavin Corbett topped the poll last time, slightly ahead of the SNP’s David Key, so they should both be safe bets to get back again.

The Lib Dems had a seat here, 2007-12, but their vote plummeted last time.

Ex-Napier student president Rojan Subramani is standing as an independent.

(3 councillors)

confident: The Greens expect Melanie Main to be re-elected