Therapy dog gives brave Kearyn new lease of life

Kearyn Adamson  of Loanhead with Sauce, his new therapy dog.
Kearyn Adamson of Loanhead with Sauce, his new therapy dog.

THE mum of a brave youngster with a rare genetic condition has said she cannot thank everyone enough after their generous donations helped raise the cash for a much-needed therapy dog.

On top of having glaucoma, five-year-old Kearyn Adamson was also born with Neurofibromatosis, a condition which means tumours can grow at nerve endings anywhere in his body.

But the smiley youngster, who lives in Loanhead with his mum Jodi, dad Kenneth and brother Khaidyn, 7, has been given a boost thanks to the family’s newest arrival – golden Labrador ‘Sauce’.

Jodi, 31, said Kearyn and Sauce are already the best of friends, with the Labrador assisting with day-to-day activities and helping Kearyn, who also has autism, keep calm when he gets anxious.

She said: “He’s doing great – he’s really helping Kearyn out which is obviously what we wanted to do. He’s applying pressure when needed, giving him cuddles and kisses and making him laugh. He does things like shake his head because he knows it makes Kearyn laugh.

“It’s definitely been worth the wait – it’s been a long time coming and they are bonding really well together.

“Sauce follows him everywhere, it’s very nice to see. Kearyn will sit on the couch and cuddle him and say he’s my doggie.”

Sauce’s arrival comes after a fundraising drive to bring in the £6000 needed buy the dog, including travel and training expenses.

After a visit to Therapy Animals in Cheshire for some vital training – and to introduce Kearyn to his new pal – Sauce officially moved at the end of October.

“Kearyn loves to help – he’s got the food ready for him and Sauce will listen to commands like sit,” said Jodi.

“He’s slowly getting into the routine of sleeping in Kearyn’s room all night. He’s been given specific training to sleep alongside him, not on top of him.

“It does help my husband as well because he’s got Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and anxiety. He’s gone out for walks with him because we have to walk him regularly and keep up his training outside.”

Therapy Dogs, who linked Kearyn up with Sauce, provides specially trained dogs for children with autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions.

It also provides a range of other therapy pets. According to the business, animal assisted therapy is a recognised and growing therapeutic technique that facilitates the counselling process.

Kearyn’s family have been posting regular updates on their Facebook page as a way to show supporters how Sauce is settling in.

Jodi said she wanted to say a “huge thank you to everyone who donated or helped”.

“We are so grateful to them for helping bring them together,” she said.

“Kearyn is always smiling, he’s a happy boy. He loves throwing the frisbee and tennis ball in the house for Sauce.

“Sauce is one – his birthday is in August – so he’s quite a clever dog for a one-year-old.”