There will be no ‘sledgehammer’ on Airbnb promises Council leader

Adam McVey says the tourist economy is not just 'for tourists'
Adam McVey says the tourist economy is not just 'for tourists'
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Edinburgh’s council leader has pledged not to take a “sledgehammer approach” to Airbnb properties, but has guaranteed not to disrupt the communities who exist in areas of high short-term let concentrations.

Cllr Adam McVey said: “In Edinburgh, the city centre population is understandably looking for action. They are not looking for a sledgehammer approach. What they want is sensible regulation and control.

“I’m really grateful to the Scottish Government for acknowledging that we have an issue in Edinburgh and their willingness to come 
with us in exploring better ways to try and improve things in the city.”

He added: “It’s partly about where the properties are, but it’s far more about how they are operated.

“When a short-term let is run poorly, for a community it can be incredibly disruptive.

“When it’s run well through best practice, it can have a positive impact on the community.

“The council is set to establish a team to deal with complaints about short-term lets. The team would use powers currently available to address problems.”

Airbnb has proposed an annual 90-day cap on usage across the city, excluding peak summer and festive periods.