Thief uses stolen bike to transport drugs outside victim’s home

The alleged thief on Tom Megaughin-Helder's bike
The alleged thief on Tom Megaughin-Helder's bike
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AN angry mum has told how a brazen bike thief is taunting her nine-year-old son by riding his stolen cycle outside their home.

The Evening News reported last week how an online video appeal for the return of Tom Megaughin-Helder’s treasured ride had gone viral – with 11,000 views.

Tom Megaughin, who had his bike stolen from the stair in the Easter Road tenement

Tom Megaughin, who had his bike stolen from the stair in the Easter Road tenement

Now mum Annette has seen a man riding Tom’s eighth birthday present and using it to ferry cannabis to a friend on Easter Road – while a neighbour even managed to photograph him.

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“I know it’s Tom’s bike because we’ve never seen another one like it in the time he’s had it in anywhere in Edinburgh,” said Annette, 43.

“So it’d be some coincidence just two days after it was stolen, a neighbour sees it. It’s a kid’s bike and the man can hardly cycle it because it’s too small for him.”

Holiday flats manager Annette has now reported the lead to police in the hope officers can return Tom’s pride and joy. “It’s very frustrating because I walk past him every day, him and his girlfriend, and I’ve seen him on the bike and there’s nothing I can do.”

“The police say no one is getting hurt so it’s not a priority – but try explaining that to a nine-year-old. Tom is so upset, he keeps asking when we’re getting it back for him or when can he get a new bike.

“I want this guy caught as well because if he gets away with this then he’ll just steal someone else’s property.”

Tom’s £150 black and red Apollo CX24 bike was taken from a secure stairwell in Easter Road on Saturday, May 20. The family woke the day after to find it missing and fear thieves may have been buzzed in by mistake or the locked door was left open unwittingly.

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “Police in Edinburgh are continuing with their inquiries into the reported theft of a bicycle from the Leith area.” Anyone with information is asked to contact Police Scotland on 101, quoting incident number 1760 of 20 May.

Scottish Conservative shadow justice secretary Liam Kerr said: “It’s bad enough that a young child has their bike stolen. For it to be brazenly rubbed in the family’s face is worse still. The police now have no excuse but to bring the bike back home, and come down on the thieves like a ton of bricks in the process.”

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