Thug who attacked woman at Michael Jackson tribute night ordered to pay compensation

Edinburgh corn Exchange
Edinburgh corn Exchange
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A THUG who smashed a glass into a woman’s face at a Michael Jackson tribute night has been ordered to pay her victim compensation.


Pamela Butler smashed the glass jar into Marife Libres face when the pair clashed at the Jacko concert night at the Corn Exchange venue in Edinburgh.

The 26-year-old thug - who was dressed in a military-style jacket, black hot pants and knee-length socks - then ran off leaving her victim covered in blood and suffering from a horrific head wound that exposed her skull.

Last month it was revealed this is Butler’s second attack on a defenceless woman after she sank her teeth into a woman’s eye during a street fight in August 2012.

Butler - who also racially abused Ms Libres before glassing her - has now escaped a jail sentence after a sheriff accepted the had been “some element of provocation” during the fight.

Butler was told she must pay Ms Libres £2000 in compensation when she appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court yesterday.

She will also be tagged at weekends between 8pm and 6am and has been placed on a 12-month supervision order.

Previously, the court was told finance assistant Butler, from Musselburgh, East Lothian, had attended the Jackson tribute night with a pal and both were dressed in Jacko-style fancy dress on October 30 last year.

Fiscal depute Roseanne Chapman said: “At some point during the evening both Ms Libres and the accused became involved in an altercation.

“There is a suggestion the accused told Ms Libres to ‘F**k off, you Chinky’. What followed is the accused was observed picking up a glass jar from a table and throwing it towards Ms Libres.

“It hit her on the left side of the forehead and she began bleeding heavily due to the impact. Blood could be seen pouring down Ms Libres face.

“The accused was seen running away from the building and both were wearing distinctive clothing.”

Ms Chapman added the blood-soaked victim, who is of Filipino descent, was then rushed to hospital for treatment to the 7cm laceration on her forehead which required 13 stitches.

Following her arrest Butler’s phone was seized and conversations with pals on the WhatsApp site showed she had “asked another to make sure those photos are deleted from that event”.

Butler told pals she would be in “deep sh*t” if the pics were not deleted and added “I’m on my last legs with the police”.

Colm Dempsey, defending, said his client had retaliated after Ms Libres had thrown a glass at her during the bust up but that “she now accepts full responsibility” for the glass attack.

Mr Dempsey added: “There was an element of provocation but her reaction was wholly inappropriate.

“Custody would have a catastrophic effect on her, and if she hasn’t learned her lesson yet she never will.”

Sheriff Frank Crowe said: “I accept there was some element of provocation but you responded by racially abusing the woman and you caused a very serious injury.”

Butler pleaded guilty to throwing a glass into the face of Ms Libres which struck her on the forehead to her severe injury and permanent disfigurement at Edinburgh Corn Exchange on October 30 last year.