Tough Mudder launches first ever 5k event in Edinburgh

Tough Mudder is coming to Edinburgh this weekend
Tough Mudder is coming to Edinburgh this weekend
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Edinburgh’s first ever Tough Mudder rolls into town this weekend.

The course, known as Tough Mudder’s ‘Cousin in the City’ spans five kilometres and features more than of Tough Mudder’s top-rated obstacles designed to encourage teamwork and camaraderie.

It’s the first 5K to be held in Edinburgh with approximately 4,500 people expected to take part in the one-day only event.

The course features top-rated obstacles that those that have competed in such an event will be familiar with.

Obstacles include a Giant A-Hole and Hanging Out. Giant A-Hole stands at a whopping 6.5m tall and requires participants to scramble up and over the enormous structure whilst participants taking on Hanging Out will be swinging from ring-to-ring through the middle of the participants climbing over the Giant A-Hole above them.

Spectators will also be able to watch the event and get up close and personal to those taking place.