Twitter user sparks Glasgow v Edinburgh debate over salt and chill chips

Salt and chilli chips - stock image
Salt and chilli chips - stock image
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It’s probably the weirdest headline you’ll see all day, but a Twitter user has had his post ‘go viral’ after bemoaning the state of salt and chilli chips in the Capital.

Shaun Maxwell from Glasgow posted to Twitter about his ‘sorry experience’ with salt and chilli chips in Edinburgh.

Taking to Twitter he wrote: “Its took me 2 days to emotionally recover from this but I’m finally ready to share my sorry experience with Edinburgh’s attempt at Salt and chilli chips”

He went on to describe the salt and chilli chips bought from an establishment in Edinburgh as ‘a disaster in a box’

The post, which has had more than 5,000 interactions of the social platform certainly got people talking, and it seems that many people can relate with one user describing it as ‘the pain of living in Edinburgh’

From the replies it appeared that many users sympathised with his plight with one Twitter user writing: “I have no words for this, so sorry for your loss”

Ian Drennan commented: “What a sad, sad attempt at salt n chilli chips”

Euan Gilfillian wrote: “Joke to even call them salt and chilli chips”

Gary Bearah wrote that it was symptomatic of the East Coast writing: “Around my parents bit over in the West, salt and chilli chips are amazing”

Another user bemoaned living in the Capital saying: “I have seen myself driving to Dundee or Glasgow for a curry.”

However, some were willing to stand up for Edinburgh with Jenni Dobbie writing: “Do not tar Edinburgh with this brush. They are a monstrosity. Try a good Chinese next time”

A local also chimed in saying: “Mama G’s in Gorgie is surprisingly good”

The post, which was also shared on Reddit had a number of comments on the site with one reading: “Wing Sing Inn on Dundee Street is proper traditional Chinese food. Best in Edinburgh or even Scotland. For best Salt and Pepper chips try on Albert Street off Leithwalk.”

However, one user summed up the argument and arguably spoke for the majority of the Capital stating: “That’s what you get for straying from salt n sauce.”