Watch: Leith Walk pet shop owner foils cash change ‘con’

The man asking for change
The man asking for change

A CANNY pet store owner has told how he rumbled a suspected conman who tried to scam extra change.

Dofos Pet Centre owner Craig Davidson, 23, thought the man, dressed in a hoodie and beanie hat, was a roofer from a scaffolding site opposite his Leith Walk store.

The would-be grifter asked for two twenty pound notes in exchange for four £5 and two £10 notes last Wednesday.

“We don’t normally change money but I needed the fivers,” said Craig, who runs the family business selling pet supplies in Leith Walk and a second store in Comiston Road.

But as Craig exchanges the notes and heads to the till, CCTV footage shows the man swiftly swap notes in his back pocket.

“After I’ve changed the money he’s swapped one of the £20 notes I gave him for a £5 and said I only gave him £25,” said Craig.

“I told him he might be right but he’s not getting any money out of the till until I’ve checked the cameras.”

At that point the abusive man beats a hasty retreat from the store.