What is The Trial? The Channel 4 show everyone is talking about

The Trial. Picture; Channel 4 official site.
The Trial. Picture; Channel 4 official site.
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Whether it was discussed on a coffee break or around the workplace, it seems everyone is talking about the latest Channel 4 show, The Trial.

The show, which aired last night is a murder mystery involving fictional crime cases being solved by 12 real jury members in a professional courtroom.

Its airing 5 nights, from 9-10pm following its first debut on Sunday, giving a week long focus on the inside of the UK’s justice system.

While viewers are gripped by the latest fictional series, many becoming confused as to whether the case is real or fake.

The trial centres around the murder of 38-year-old Carla Davis, who was strangled to death in her own home. However, the only actors are the accused, the deceased and some of the witnesses.

The defendant, Simon Davis, is played by an actor Michael Gould as are the witnesses. The case is also fictional: a made up case, tried in a real court.

The TV drama was cooperatively created by Kath Mattock who made BBC2’s “Murder” and Nick Holt who established the popular series “The Murder Trial”.

Throughout the next 5 nights, jurors and the audience will get to witness the debate before Brian Barker; a former judge at Old Bailey, to regulate the killer.

It is understood the final will issue the findings of the jury as well as a deconstruction of the murder.