What the low fuel light on your car really means - how far can you drive?

How long can you drive with the low fuel light on?
How long can you drive with the low fuel light on?
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When the low fuel light comes on, many drivers panic and head for the petrol station, but how long can you drive before the tank is empty?

Despite the low light warning. many drivers still chose to ‘chance it’ and go on without refueling immediately.

But how long do you really have until the vehicle stops in its tracks?

Well, now figures have revealed how long most cars can run ‘on red’.

On average, most cars can go around 40 miles after the warning light comes on.

The Ford Fiesta, one of the most popular cars in the UK can last 37 miles following the warning, with the Focus lasting 40 miles.

The Vauxhall Corsa lasts 29 miles, and the Golf can last 42 miles.

A Mini Cooper can last 45 miles with the Astra being the worst in terms of the number of miles, lasting just 26 miles.

Despite the light being a warning, it is not neccessarily more dangerous to drive with the warning light on.

However, if the car was to run out of petrol and break down in the middle of the road that is a potentially dangerous situation