Woman reports couple having ‘noisy sex’ in tent in Leith

Parliament Street.
Parliament Street.

A WOMAN reportedly called the police after hearing a couple having ‘noisy sex’ in a one-man tent in a Leith street.

The woman was out walking her dogs on Saturday when she overheard what she thought were loud sex noises coming from a one-man tent on Parliament Street in Leith.

Convinced a couple had been engaged in sex, the woman reported what she had heard to the police and posted a transcript of her call online.

The transcript read: “Police: ‘And what noises were they making’?

“Me: ‘Loud noises of coitus’.”

The woman later posted on Facebook: “I’ve just had the weirdest conversation of my life with the police.”

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “We did have it reported to us as people having sex.

“However, when the officers went to the scene they were fully dressed.

“There was no criminality reported so we closed the incident.”