Man arrested over Kirsty Maxwell death speaks to police

Kirsty and Adam Maxwell
Kirsty and Adam Maxwell

A HOLIDAYMAKER arrested over the death of tragic hen party newlywed Kirsty Maxwell told police she “disappeared” over the balcony, it is understood.

Kirsty, from Livingston, died in mysterious circumstances after plunging 100ft from the balcony of the hotel room above her own – with one theory she might have been sleepwalking.

Now it has emerged that Joseph Graham, whose room 27-year-old Kirsty fell from, described to officers the moments leading up to her death.

“Joseph Graham says he did not see the actual fall and that’s what he told police when asked,” said a source close to the investigation.

“He saw her walk across the lounge and then disappear and heard a bump and saw her lying on the ground below.

“And he says no-one pushed her or intimidated her. But he didn’t see the fall.”

Other reports suggest Mr Graham, 32, said she was in his holiday suite for just 40 seconds before falling from the tenth floor.

It is reported he told detectives he screamed “she’s jumped” after she walked through the apartment saying nothing and disappeared over the balcony.

A friend of Mr Graham’s is understood to have called for help when they saw her body lying near the pool at the Apartamentos Payma hotel in Costa Blanca at 8am on Saturday.

Kirsty, who wed husband Adam eight months ago, died instantly. CCTV footage seized by police captured her landing a few metres from a small swimming pool.

She had been at the resort with 30 other hen party guests. Her room was directly below Mr Graham’s and his friends, who were in a separate party.

She died on the first night of the hen party at the resort known as ‘Little England’ popular with British holidaymakers.

Kirsty, who married husband Adam last September, went to bed at 4am and woke up shortly before 8am.

Fully dressed but without shoes, she is reported to have walked up a flight of stairs from her room on the ninth floor and knocked on the door of the room directly above hers.

Mr Graham, from Nottingham, told police she was disorientated and looking for her friends. She fell over the metal railings out of his view as he was in a different room of the suite.

Police have found no evidence of third-party involvement with one theory being looked at that Kirsty jumped towards the pool but misjudged the height

Mr Graham was arrested because he was the only person to have contact with her during the brief time she was in his room.

Back home, Mr Graham issued a statement declaring his innocence of any involvement in Kirsty’s death.

Kirsty’s family are understood to have hired a local lawyer to try and bring a prosecution against Mr Graham.

Her heartbroken husband Adam thanked well-wishers who raised £30,000 to fly his “beautiful” wife’s body home.

He added: “I know anyone that has come into contact with Kirsty over the years would struggle not to love and adore her. Kirsty was my wife, my best friend and my world. I will never stop missing her.”