New fixed speed camera in Midlothian now ‘operational’

A new speed camera is now operation in Midlothian
A new speed camera is now operation in Midlothian

A new fixed speed camera has become operational on the A701, Milton Bridge.

The decision to establish a camera at the location comes following a national site selection exercise where the A701 stretch of road at Milton Bridge was identified due to the number of injury collisions where speed was the main factor.

The placement of the camera aims to reduce the number of casualties on the route by encouraging improved driver behaviour.

Steven Feeney, Head of The Scottish Safety Camera Programme said:“Safety cameras are there to make our roads safer.

“They must be deployed primarily where they have the greatest potential to reduce injury collisions, and where there is evidence of collisions and speeding.

“Following analysis with Midlothian Council and Police Scotland it has been agreed that a safety camera should be introduced on the A701 at Milton Bridge.”

East Safety Camera Unit Manager, Vinnie Fisher, said: “A new fixed speed camera is now operational on the A701, Milton Bridge, Midlothian.

“All options were considered before the decision was taken to place a camera at this location.

“Like all enforcement cameras, if you are travelling within the speed limit you have nothing to worry about. Speeding risks lives.

“Driving at a speed appropriate to the conditions and within the limit is shown to reduce both the likelihood and severity of collisions.