Outrage as council workers leave electric cables exposed

Council workers have propped up an old street lamp with a cable tie. Picture: Deadline News
Council workers have propped up an old street lamp with a cable tie. Picture: Deadline News
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This shocking picture shows how bungling council workers propped up an old street lamp with a cable tie – and left electrical cables exposed.

The snaps were taken in a quiet residential street by a local outraged at the apparently shoddy and dangerous state of the work.

Darren Coyle, from Loanhead, Midlothian, posted the pictures to social media with the words: “Top health and safety.”

They show a new lamp post apparently mid installation with the old one still in place.

The old post can be seen from the photograph to be leaning at an alarming angle and appears to be held in place by a single length of plastic cable tie.

At the base of the lamppost exposed electrical cables can clearly be seen.

Midlothian Council last night said they were reviewing their procedures but insisted that neither the leaning lamppost nor the exposed wiring were a danger.

Mr Coyle wrote: “Midlothian council at their best. Old lamppost genuinely only being held up by a cable tie and a muckle electrical cable exposed.

“Top health and safety.”

In the comments section of his post, he added: “Council have confirmed it’s them and it will be dealt with in morning. Hope it’s not windy tonight.

“The electric cable over an inch thick that’s exposed, I’m no sparky but I’m guessing it’s pretty dangerous.”

Other users were quick to comment.

Christine Petrie wrote: “It’s shocking if it’s windy and hits the car. Claim big time.”

Laura Wood posted: “Deary me, at least cover it with a cone.”

David Stewardson added: “Disaster waiting to happen, wouldn’t like that falling on top of me.”

Midlothian Council said, despite exposed cabling identifed by Mr Coyle near the lamppost, it was not live and there was no danger posed to the general public.

A spokesperson for Midlothian Council said: “Unfortunately, our normal procedure of removing the old lamp post on the same day as the installation of the new one could not be completed on this occasion.

“We can confirm, however, that no live wiring was left exposed at any time and that there was no danger of any movement in the existing column before work began again this morning.

“We are now in the process of reviewing our procedures to avoid this happening in the future.”