West Lothian woman robbed OAPs after offering sex

Livingston Sheriff Court.
Livingston Sheriff Court.
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A young con woman preyed on pensioners in a “despicable way” to get money for drugs, a court heard.

Lauren Tallons duped a 75-year-old man into thinking that she would have sex with him in return for cash.

But when the vulnerable OAP gave her £20 to go and buy him some illegal Viagra she left his home and didn’t go back.

After she’d gone the pensioner realised she had stolen his wallet and contacted the police.

Livingston Sheriff Court was told it was the second time trickster Tallons, 25, had taken advantage of the same vulnerable OAP.

Alistair Macleod, prosecuting, said she had arrived at the Viagra man’s home in Broxburn, West Lothian, on 7 May 2015 almost a year earlier.

She told him she had some property which had been stolen from him and offered to return his belongings if he paid her £20.

He agreed to the deal and they went to a cash machine where took out the money and handed it over to her before they both returned to his house.

While Tallons was in his home she stole a further £20, Mr Macleod said. When the householder became aware of what she’d done he contacted the police.

Officers interviewed Tallons about the allegation but she denied everything and no charges were brought at the time because of lack of evidence.

On 15 July the same year Tallons visited another if her victims, a 71-year-old man she had also befriended in Broxburn.

Mr Macleod said the pensioner had left a receipt for the a £47.50 pair of spectacles he’d bought that day on his living room table.

He had arranged to go back to the opticians three days later to pick up his new glasses, but when he got there he was told he would have to pay the bill again.

Mr Macleod said: “He was advised that the accused had attended at the shop, returned the receipt and requested a refund.

“The accused was interviewed by the police and again denied all knowledge at the time.”

Tallons’ downfall came after she stole from the 77-year-old for the second time on 29 March 2016.

She not only conned him out his money and the promised sex session, she stole his wallet containing his bus pass and bank cards as well.

Police realised Tallon’s offences represented a course of criminal conduct which could be corroborated by similar offences and charged her with all the crimes.

When the case finally came to court, Tallons of Almondell Road, Broxburn, pleaded guilty to three theft charges spanning a ten month period.

David McLaughlin, defending, said his client, who had only two previous convictions, was someone who needed help.

He explained: “These offences are directly influenced by heroin. There is clearly a depraved background to it all and the report will shed some light on that.”

Sheriff Douglas Kinloch said he wanted to have Tallons assessed for a drug treatment and testing order and deferred sentence until 21 September.

He told her: “I’m afraid to say you were preying on elderly people in a pretty despicable way.

“It’s clear from reading the background report that you committed these offences to get money and presumably that was to buy drugs

“You’ve tried to deal with the drug addiction voluntarily and it’s not been successful so I’m going to have you assed for a drug treatment and testing order in the hope it will stop you offending.”