'Can I move to Scotland?': the funniest tweets from the rest of the UK post-election

Friday, 13th December 2019, 2:09 pm
Updated Friday, 13th December 2019, 2:11 pm
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The clear divide between voters in Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom in yesterday's General Election has prompted some English residents to consider a move north of the border.

As always, Scottish Twitter was on top form and were ready to welcome any new citizens with open arms. Here are some of the best, funniest and most heartwarming tweets from some of those who are now dreaming of living in Scotland, as well as those who already call it home.

First pro? Scotland's citizenship test isn't too taxing

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If you're contemplating a move to Scotland, here's a handy guide.C'mon up, kettle's on and there's always room for more 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 pic.twitter.com/czUgBCNUoE

— David C. Weinczok (@TheCastleHunter) December 12, 2019

How to be ScottishStep one: Move to ScotlandStep two: See step one.

— Come Away In (@Move2Scotland) December 12, 2019

Form an orderly queue, there's plenty of space for everyone

Is it too late to move to Scotland and vote for @NicolaSturgeon / asking on behalf of most of England

— Sarah Hilary (@sarah_hilary) December 11, 2019

me and tons of other english people trying to panic move to scotland when they gain independence pic.twitter.com/YCMyNr4K4t

— 🌨️ (@shutupbeth) December 13, 2019

Can I move to Scotland? I support Celtic, voted labour & willing to try Haggis if i have to!? Any one gonna let me in? 😂

— Karrie Lee (@karriecakes) December 13, 2019

— Steffi_daydreamer (@stef_daydreamer) December 12, 2019

And the locals are very hospitable

Anyone fancy a move to Scotland, we have plenty of room and we’re really very nice #electionresults2019

— mandy rhodes (@holyroodmandy) December 12, 2019

To all those folk in England tweeting that they now want to move to Scotland... #YoureWelcome #PlentyOfRoom #KettleIsOn pic.twitter.com/8ayK3yDPyz

— Humza Yousaf (@HumzaYousaf) December 13, 2019

But newbies might have to get used to the weather

If you want to move to Scotland, come on up. There's actually a few abandoned towns we could probably open up if large numbers want to come here. Bring thermals.https://t.co/DujDLqtBcC

— TheBirdLeaf (@TheBirdLeaf1) December 13, 2019

Might move to Scotland. Might need a bigger coat

— Gaz Butlin (@gazbutlin) December 12, 2019

Did we mention the excellent traditional cuisine?

in case you needed another reason to move to scotland this morning here's the christmas specials from the chippie opposite my hoose x pic.twitter.com/3VyrcKVZnZ

— Dayna McAlpine (@daynamcalpine_) December 13, 2019

Some aspiring Scots have already got exciting plans brewing

i am going to move to a tiny island in the outer hebrides and keep a flock of 20 sheep,whom i will shear so i can become an artisanal woolen jumper designer, and it will all be very cool and i will be the sexiest hermit in scotland x

— me l (@reultan) December 13, 2019

If anyone wants to move to Scotland with me and live on a farm full of Highland Cattle then it will be banging pic.twitter.com/GYUKO1mbui

— 𝒢𝐵 (@georgie__may) December 9, 2019

It's not just humans who want to move north

To all my non uk friends and those of you in Scotland, after the election results, HELP!! can I move in with you?!! pic.twitter.com/glNt4iN14s

— Sir Sidney (@Sir_Sidney_Cat) December 13, 2019

Always remember: teamwork makes the dream work

how many of us are planning to move to Scotland? let's go together and rent a place

— CHEESECAKE REGRETTED (@marblegalIery) December 13, 2019