Lewis Capaldi's 15 funniest moments on Instagram and Twitter

Friday, 12th July 2019, 1:04 pm
Updated Friday, 12th July 2019, 2:25 pm

Lewis Capaldi. Whether you love him or loath him, there's no denying the Scottish musician is Really Good At Twitter.

The singer-songwriter - known for his hits 'Someone You Loved' and 'Bruises' - is a regular fixture on both Twitter and Instagram, posting cheeky responses to fans, irreverent videos and self-deprecating images at odds with his recently-found fame and fortune.

Here are some of the 22-year-old West Lothian star's finest moments.

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(Warning: strong language ahead)

His feud with Noel Gallagher

Capaldi and the former Oasis man have been feuding for weeks now, with Capaldi even coming out in a Madchester bucket-hat at Glastonbury recently.

Things took a bizarre turn when Gallagher referred to Capaldi as 'Chewbacca' in an interview. The Scot's response? A change of profile picture, and a tweak to his Twitter handle: he's now 'Chewis Capaldi'.

— Chewis Capaldi (@LewisCapaldi) July 11, 2019

His 'unique' take on advertising


— Chewis Capaldi (@LewisCapaldi) May 16, 2019

When he celebrated his new found fame and fortune

the money, here it comes. here’s me thinking about all the glasses I’m going to buy with all this sweet sweet radio cash💰 @bbcr1 @scott_mills @chris_stark pic.twitter.com/ReknbDUUEe

— Chewis Capaldi (@LewisCapaldi) January 8, 2019

— Chewis Capaldi (@LewisCapaldi) June 21, 2018

Seeing tweets like this makes me so excited for the royalties to come in https://t.co/REDMvBVIUc

— Chewis Capaldi (@LewisCapaldi) April 19, 2019

The real moments he knew he'd made it

someone’s put ma face on the Duke of Wellington statue 😂😂 Glasgow a fucking love ya pic.twitter.com/VOx7umgZic

— Chewis Capaldi (@LewisCapaldi) May 16, 2019

— Chewis Capaldi (@LewisCapaldi) May 9, 2019

Heard there were boys selling fake merch outside my gig for the first time so I went and bought some to mark the occasion pic.twitter.com/vMVE00kPUu

— Chewis Capaldi (@LewisCapaldi) April 21, 2019

me realising my career has peaked before my first album has even come out pic.twitter.com/wbjkpWSLBc

— Chewis Capaldi (@LewisCapaldi) April 12, 2019

Though it's not all it's cracked up to be

googling my ‘net worth’ vs looking at my bank account pic.twitter.com/krwOjD8NOp

— Chewis Capaldi (@LewisCapaldi) April 24, 2019

When he called his fans 'big f***in' lovely b***ards'

Lewis Capaldi is the best thing on social media! pic.twitter.com/p87j1Oxqo8

— Alex Cadman (@AlexanderCadman) February 27, 2019

When he found a logistical flaw in a fan's plan

It's absolute logistical nightmare Shona. How do you expect me to fit a 5 piece band, not to mention crew members, lights and a PA system (as I'm presuming neither will be provided) into ur room? You've not thought this through at all. When u have a serious offer we can talk x https://t.co/Ou15A4beNs

— Chewis Capaldi (@LewisCapaldi) December 13, 2018

When he hit back against the haters

Person: ‘Are you worried that everyone will hate Hold Me While You Wait and you’ll become nothing more than a one hit wonder who got lucky?’ Me: pic.twitter.com/E1mpYCK6OL

— Chewis Capaldi (@LewisCapaldi) May 2, 2019

When he rumbled your secret crush

if uv ever liked any one of my pictures on instagram it definitely means you absolutely fancy me that's just the way it is

— Chewis Capaldi (@LewisCapaldi) June 18, 2018

When he showed off his impressive range

all joking aside I have to stress that I want to be taken seriously as a musician, thank you x pic.twitter.com/64RWH7rD9g

— Chewis Capaldi (@LewisCapaldi) January 28, 2019