The Grinch gets nastier in new Christmas horror movie The Mean One - here’s when you can see it

The Grinch gets nastier in new Christmas horror movie The Mean one - here’s when you can see it

Festive favourite The Grinch is set for a horror movie makeover this Christmas, with the Dr. Seuss character becoming even more evil in The Mean One. Famous for trying to ruin the festive season for children in Newville, the Grinch could well go a step further this Christmas.

As reported by Bloody Disgusting, The Mean One is expected to retain plenty of the classic storyline seen in previous adaptations of the Dr. Seuss novel, but with a few twists. Becoming a horror slasher movie, the film, which stars David Howard Thornton in the titular role, will parody it.

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The Grinch is set to become even nastier in new festive horror The Mean One [credit: XYZ]

The Grinch-like character will look very similar to what we’ve seen in the past, but more sadistic. The blurb reads: “The Mean One (David Howard Thornton) is a hairy, green-skinned grump in a Santa suit, living on a mountain high above the town of Newville, despising the holiday season.

“Young Cindy You-Know-Who (Krystle Martin), whose parents were butchered by The Mean One twenty Christmases earlier, is returning to town to seek closure… but is about to discover that this fiend with a heart two sizes too small is still quite eager to carve the roast beast.”

The Mean One isn’t the only film being released this year that sees a loved children’s character transformed into a new, horrifying form. Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey, which will see Pooh and Piglet transform into sadistic monsters, was announced earlier in 2022.

The film is reported to be being released for free everywhere on December 15.