Channel 4 Married At First Sight UK: full cast revealed including a former Miss Great Britain & Dreamboys star

The show will air later this year on E4

The cast for the Channel 4 Married At First Sight has now been revealed, with the lineup including a former Dreamboy member and former Miss Great Britain.

A niche show, which includes partners meeting each other for the first time on their wedding day, Married At First Sight has proven very successful over the years with experts Melanie Schilling, Paul C Burnson and Charlene Douglas proving pivotal in the contestants’ journeys.

After the wedding is said and done, couples embark on a luxurious honeymoon before moving in together, along with their fellow couples.

The show culminates in a dramatic series finale, where couples decide if they wish to commit to their partnership or go their separate ways after around 30 episodes.

Married At First Sight castMarried At First Sight cast
Married At First Sight cast

Married At First Sight UK confirmed cast 2022

With the show just weeks away, here’s the confirmed cast.

  • Adrian 

A 37 year old digital designer from Manchester who’s been a serial dater for the last three years, but is now looking to settle down.

  • Duka 

A 31 year old recruitment HR coordinator from Birmingham, who fled to the UK from Yugoslavia when he was just 10 years ago.

  • George 

A 40 year old financial advisor from Worcester, who’s a dad of four. After divorcing his wife, he has struggled to find the one and declared he was heartbroken when his relationship with his wife broke down.

  • Jordan 

A 29 year old account manager from Darlington, Jordan has confessed he is an overthinker and won’t stick around if he knows someone isn’t right for him.

  • Kwame 

A 42 year old business consultant from London, Kwame has travelled almost the whole world, has had kids, married and divorced and even won Mr Ghana in 2000, and wants another chance at love.

  • Pjay 

A 31 year old dancer/performer from Birmingham, Pjay admits he’s never been short of attention but has never been able to settle down, saying his job has been a barrier  to finding the right woman.

  • Richie 

A 51 year old sales advisor from Sheffield, Richie has been in the music industry for 23 years now, working with the likes of Russell Watson and Sheryl Crow.

  • Thomas

A 31 year old mental health care assistant from Liverpool, Thomas is a fiery character who isn’t one to back down in an argument and is extremely sociable.

  • April 

A 32 year old dress designer from London, April is former Miss Great Britain and says she isn’t good at finding the right guy and says if they don’t like cheese, it’s a deal breaker.

  • Chanita

A 29 year old social worker from Derby, Chantia is fresh out of a 10-year relationship, and feels now is the time to meet her future life partner, who wants marriage, a family and a stable home.

  • Jenna 

A 32 year old zero waste shop owner from Blackpool, Jenna initially hated the ‘traditional’ concept of marriage and it didn’t sit right with her that the woman takes the man’s name but now wants to commit to someone and build a longlife together.

  • Jess 

A 31 year old dental hygienist from Cambridgeshire, Jess says she is unique and believes is still single because she jumps into something too quickly.

  • Kasia

A 36 year old businesswoman from London, Kasia left school at 16 to have her first child, and through hard work she is now a successful business owner, and now wants to settle down now her kids are older.

  • Lara 

A 49 year old waitress from Nottingham, Lara was a former dancer and has been married and divorced twice. She once jetted from Japan to New York just to have dinner.

  • Whitney 

A 31 year old PA from St Albans, Whitney has an extensive list and won’t settle down until a man has met them. She is ready to get out there after losing her mother, leading to a tough couple as well.

  • Zoe 

A 30 year old quantity surveyor from West Midlands, Zoe has just turned 30 and she doesn’t want to be known as a serial dater any more.

The seventh season of Married At First Sight UK will air on E4 later this year.