Scottish schoolboy with five brain tumours makes amazing recovery

A Scottish schoolboy with five brain tumours has amazed medics with his determination to fight back – and is now in remission.

By Arthur Vundla
Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 12:47 pm
Updated Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 12:52 pm
Kieran Crighton, 14, who was diagnosed with a rare form of medulloblastoma has been given the all clear. Picture: SWNS
Kieran Crighton, 14, who was diagnosed with a rare form of medulloblastoma has been given the all clear. Picture: SWNS

Kieran Crighton was diagnosed with a rare form of medulloblastoma – a tumour originating in the brain towards the back and bottom of the skull.

But the 14-year-old is continuing to defy the odds after his latest MRI scan showed three of his tumours have not grown.

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The youngster, who also has autism, underwent brain surgery at Glasgow’s Royal Hospital for Sick Children on 2 March last year to remove the biggest tumour.

The operation left Kieran, from Kilwinning in North Ayrshire, unable to walk, speak or swallow.

But Kieran, who is now in remission, has gone from strength to strength.

Mother Senga, 49, said: “It’s been a quick year and a challenging one always trust your gut and as I always say a mother knows her children more than anyone else.

“He’s done so well. I’m so proud of him and the doctors didn’t think he would make such a fast recovery.

“His latest MRI scan was on 30 January.

“He’ll now get a scan every three months for the next two years just to make sure he continues heading in the right direction.”

After the operation to remove the biggest tumour, the youngster underwent six weeks of radiotherapy which was later followed by four rounds of chemotherapy.

His scan in October revealed one of the other tumours had disappeared, meaning Kieran was left with three “dead” tumours.

And fortunately his latest MRI scan showed the three remaining tumours had not grown.

Senga said: “He is in remission and once he completes the rest of the scans that’s when doctors will say he’s got the all clear.

“His biggest tumour that was removed has not grown back.

“Also due to the chemo and radiotherapy, one of his other tumours has gone away.

“The shadows of the three tumours are still there, but they are dead tumours. They have not grown since the last scan.

“I’m pleased but you are always worrying in case it might come back.

“Kieran seems to be coping well with it.

“It goes right over his head. He doesn’t think about it as much as I do.

“He does worry sometimes but he just gets on with it.”

Little Kieran’s medulloblastoma was discovered in February last year after his mum noticed he was rapidly losing weight.

Kieran has been attending school, although he has not completely regained his balance.

Senga said: “His balance is not 100 per cent because of the first operation.

“But compared to the first time he got the operation, it has got a lot better due to the physio and stuff.

“But whether it will improve from where we are now, that I don’t know.

“He had his first MRI scan in October, then got his latest one in January.

“He’ll have one at the beginning of May, you just worry every single time even though you try not to.

“I’m so proud of him, his such a determined boy.”