These 25 photos show the dramatic changes to Waverley station through the years

As plans for a major redevelopment of Waverley Station are revealed, we took a look at how the railway station has changed over the decades.

Thursday, 28th March 2019, 12:27 pm
Updated Thursday, 28th March 2019, 12:33 pm
Crowds gather to watch the Flying Scotsman leave Waverley Station in 1964 (Photo: TSPL)
Crowds gather to watch the Flying Scotsman leave Waverley Station in 1964 (Photo: TSPL)

Opened in 1868 by North British Railway after three rival stations were demolished and replaced, Waverley has seen countless design changes and refurbishments over the decades. The new masterplan could see the old Victorian station building, which has been listed since 1991, demolished and a new, higher roof constructed to accommodate a new mezzanine floor. If approved, the plans could see the iconic glass roof, dome, and ramps disappear into the history books.

People queuing at Waverley Station, Edinburgh during a bus strike in July 1957.The nationwide strike lasted 8 days.
The old footbridge which ran from Jeffrey Street to Calton Road was demolished more than 60 years ago.

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Two elephants from Princes International Circus arrive at Waverley Station, Edinburgh in December, 1952.
People queue for tickets at the North and West ticket office, with newsagents in the background. Today, this is the main concourse area.
Sign writers get to work on new signs for the station as part of a clean-up in 1953.
In the Easter of 1960, the station was not as busy as in previous years which staff put down to colder than usual weather for the time of year.
Passengers queue for the holiday special train at Waverley Station during the Spring Holiday in April 1966.
The only way to find out if your train had been cancelled in 1964 was to read these blackboards with the days of electrical departure boards still decades away.
A view of the main concourse with the ticket office and newsagents, taken in 1960.
A view of the booking office in Waverley Station in November, 1969.
The new travel centre was unveiled in July 1970.
As part of the new travel centre, brand new information desks were installed which proved popular with passengers.
The booking hall, shown here in 1981. The glass dome is at risk as part of new redevelopment plans for the station.
Rail passengers sitting on the circular plastic seating on the concourse of Waverley Station, newly modernised in November 1984. Luckily, they have not survived to today.
When it rained, it poured inside Waverley. This picture, taken in 1994, shows a car driving through water inside the station following rainfall.
The concourse saw brand new shop buildings constructed, home to WHSmiths for more than a decade. The refurbishment, pictured here in 1998, cost 400m.
The glass dome in Waverley, pictured here in 1998, which will be demolished if plans for a new mezzanine floor in the station are approved.
A far cry from the days of a blackboard, cancellations here in 1999 show up on the electronic screens.
Taxis travelling into Waverley station in 1999, before they were stopped from entering the main station building.
The roundabout inside Waverley, pictured here in 2003.
The Costa Coffee under the dome, pictured here in 2008.
Waverley Station was closed for the first time in decades in January, 2004 due to maintanence work.
The station concourse viewed from the Prince Street side in 2009.
Workers put the final touches on the Market Street steps which opened in 2012.
The Market Street steps from Market Street, looking towards the Balmoral and Princes Street.