Wester Hailes at 50: These 24 photos show the very early days of Edinburgh's Wester Hailes

As the community at Wester Hailes marks fifty years since the completion of the first estate, we take a rose-tinted gander back at the early days of the largest housing development to be built in Edinburgh since the New Town.

Monday, 9th September 2019, 16:31 pm
Wester Hailes

The fabulous colour images featured in this gallery have been reproduced with permission from Lynn Brown, whose father Hugh McCreadie worked for the council as chief landscape architect for Edinburgh. Lynn told the Evening News: "We lived in Sighthill from 1966, so saw Westerhailes being built. Our house looked out over the Pentlands directly at the new estates. My Mum was very active in community groups there too - she worked at the Huts and Venchie as well as being heavily involved in all the gala days at WHEC and the Calders. I moved away in 1979 but have nice memories of growing up there."

Wester Hailes was nothing but a stretch of farmland dotted with a few smallholdings until the late 1960s.
Workmen clocking off up a section of the Union Canal at Wester Hailes in March 1970.
The early estate was home to hundreds of families.

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Laying the foundation stone for Wester Hailes Shopping Centre, in April 1972
The Wester Hailes shopping centre opened to great fanfare in 1974.
Mrs Wharton & Mrs Campbell with prams at the escalator of the Wester Hailes shopping centre, newly-opened in June 1974.
Wester Hailes was known for its large number of play areas.
The makeshift 'Venchie' adventure playground resembled something out of Mad Max.
Majorette troupes were a common sight in Wester Hailes on gala days.
Wester Hailes in 1971.
Interior of Wester Hailes shopping centre, 1970s.
Exterior of the shopping centre, 1970s.
Wester Hailes in 1973.
A Caterpillar digger leads the team as work begins on the construction of the new ring road at Wester Hailes Road in Edinburgh in October 1967.
Wester Hailes in 1973 showing new builds going up.
Frequent gala days brought the Wester Hailes community together.
Aerial of Wester Hailes looking south in September 1978.
Another view of the venchie at Wester Hailes which was hugely popular with local kids.
Westburn Gardens, 1970s.
Kids playing in Wester Hailes, 1971
The Quyen family, a Vietnamese refugee family at their new home in Wester Hailes, December 1979.
The venchie adventure playground again
The road to Wester Hailes in the 1970s.
Construction was ongoing in Wester Hailes during the '70s - even around play areas.