This is what Edinburgh’s Quartermile used to look like as the Royal Infirmary

The Quartermile has seen its share of history, with redevelopments changing its landscape throughout the years.

Tuesday, 12th November 2019, 3:23 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th November 2019, 3:24 pm
The Accident and Emergency Ward of the ERI Hospital on Lauriston Place, Edinburgh; August 14, 2002

But do you remember the Quartermile from when it was the site of the original Edinburgh Royal Infirmary?

Overlooking the Edinburgh Meadows, the Royal Infirmary featured a series of towers and turrets - nowadays, it’s been converted into flats. Year: 1879
Three men can be seen standing atop the Royal Infirmary on the day that the old boiler house chimney was set to be demolished. Year: 1984

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This aerial shot of the Lauriston area of Edinburgh shows George Heriot’s school, Lauriston Place, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and Simpson’s Memorial hospital. Year: 1976
Nurses can be seen here forming a guard of honour as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip leave the Royal Infirmary. Year: 1979
Here, Porter Dave Fulton is taking out the washing from the ERI - porters were protesting losing out on tax relief as the hospital failed to tell inland revenue that there are no laundry facilities for staff uniforms. Year: 1999
We can see inside the Royal Infirmary here with this picture of Ward 10 with sister in charge Lynn Reid. Year: 2001
Whilst at Lauriston Place, the police patrolled the hospital at the weekends on a regular basis. Year: 2002
Here, the west gate pedestrian access of Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh sign has been graffitied with the message of “Get well soon”. Year: 2002
The building boasted a Victorian facade and a clock tower - this is it here in 2002 before the hospital moved to the Little France district of Edinburgh
Here, ambulances are pictured outside the Royal Infirmary A&E - it was reportedly due to a suspected SARS case, but turned out to be a false alarm. Year: 2003
Dr Ian Swainson is pictured here releasing balloons in front of the old clock tower at the former site of the Royal Infirmary to mark the annual stop smoking day. Year: 2003
Pictured here on May 1 2003, Charge Nurse Kate McIlwraith is seen at the entrance to the old Royal Infirmary building. Nurse McIlwraith stayed behind to organise the remainder of the move
This picture showcases the final staff group at the old site of the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary before it changed addresses to where it is as we know it now. Year: 2003
Here you can see Lauriston Place, the former site of the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, a year after the hospital moved. Picture taken 2004
Here, we can see how the previous site of the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary looks today, with the clock tower still standing. Year: 2018