Basketball: Warriors add academy and general manager

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Though there are many questions still to be answered, it looks like the new “East Scotland Warriors” professional basketball team are slowly getting their act together.

A year ahead of their entry into the BBL next season, their director Donald Sampley has announced two important developments – the appointment of a general manager and the launching of a skills academy.

The manager will be John MacMillan, a former Cumnock junior player who has had a career in the music industry and in local government in the west of Scotland.

“We’re working round the clock to make sure we’re prepared for the inaugural season and I’m very excited to have John join our team, as he brings the Warriors a wealth of experience in community development and in establishing corporate partnerships,” said Sampley, who has been playing recreationally for the last few seasons for Troon Tornadoes and scored five three-pointers for them in their 85-77 home win over Stirling Knights last Saturday.

“John shares my vision of a community-first franchise, a franchise that wants to work hand-in-hand with all the clubs in the east of Scotland area,” said Sampley, who has even widened his net to Aberdeen, where he has been in talks with the city where there is not even a Scottish League club at present.

Indiana native Sampley, who by coincidence is a family friend of the new Edinburgh University women’s coach Cameron Tucker, is particularly excited by the launch of his academy and explaied: “We’ll also start our Warriors Skills Academy this month. It’s designed to teach players of all age groups, gender and skill level the fundamental skills needed to compete in today’s fast-paced game of basketball.”