Bowls: Bowlers named in trial squad

EDINBURGH and the 
Lothians will have a 17-strong representation in the squad of 40 bowlers selected for the gents’ indoor Scotland international trial match, to be played on Sunday, December 16, at Lanarkshire IBC.

Tuesday, 27th November 2012, 12:00 pm

While there is no representation from Division One club Portobello, Edinburgh is still well-served, with the Bainfield quartet of Robert Marshall, Gavin Smith, Chris Downie and Craig Moss included in the squad.

East Lothian have five players – all current internationalists – in the trial, with Willie Wood MBE, Graham Robertson, 
Alex Marshall MBE, Scott Kennedy and Derek Oliver 

The Midlothian banner is in the hands of two rising stars in 
Colin Walker and Ronnie Duncan, while West Lothian, the current holders of the Premier League title, top the list with six of their players recognised in the shape of Neil Speirs, Thomas Mann, Mark Allison, Calum Logan, Cameron Greer and Bryan Cooper.

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It is a condition for those named to declare themselves available to play in the Home International Series, which is scheduled for Stanley IBC in England from March 14 to 16 next year.

Jamie Higgins of East Lothian is one of the four reserves listed for the trial.