Bainfield fall to shock Cup defeat by Cumbernauld

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Bainfield were knocked out of the gents indoor bowls Scottish Cup after a shock 84-81 defeat by Division 2 side Cumbernauld in their second-round clash at Livingston.

The climax to Bainfield’s exit was a dramatic one with five ends falling victim to the clock after the match favourites had fought back despairingly from a one time deficit of 23.

“This result is a real heart-breaker for us,” reflected team manager Alan Brown. “We came with a fair rattle on the third phase and, if the time clock hadn’t intervened, it looked likely we would get up at the post.”

All four rinks ended up being hard-fought affairs with Gavin Smith edging a single shot victory but James Hogg and Colin Hutchison lost by the same single-shot margin and Barry Hill by two.

End 12 was a shocker for Bainfield as Cumbernauld registered a 9-0 clean sweep across the carpet that increased their match lead from 14 to 23.

The phase scoring had Cumbernauld capturing the first two, 34-29 and 31-24, then Bainfield sparking into life to dominate the third, 28-19, but it was too late to spare the blushes of the Premier League outfit.

Smith skipped Jamie Reid, Mark McIntosh and John McDermott into a 12-9 lead after nine ends against Jim Byron.

The abrupt loss of 2, 1, 5 was a blow but Smith and Co produced a bold 4, 1, 5 reply that enabled them to battle to a 23-22 victory – but crucially three ends were left unplayed.

Hogg and his front three of Cameron Tennant, Alan Brown and Daniel Gormley led 5-0 before collapsing to 16-6 down and it is much to their credit that they bounced back to lose 18-17 with two ends unplayed against G Wilson.

Hutchison and his rink of Adam Brock, Steven Pilley and Kevin Tennant failed to do themselves justice over the first 15 ends and trailed A Barrie 16-7 before finally finding the fire in their bellies to lose a 19-18 battle.

Hill lost a catastrophic 7 on his second end but got it all back on the fourth. Then, having kept Graeme McIntosh, Stephen Pringle and Brian Stoddart in contention at 17-18, slipped to 25-17 down against Frank Hillis before succumbing to a 25-23 defeat with a 2, 1, 1, 1, 1 finish.