Bainfield made to sweat by Currie in Top Ten win

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Bainfield survived a tough test to make progress into the first round proper of the Edinburgh Top Ten Championship at the expense of Currie, having tipped the scales of a 4-4 share of the points with a superior shot-margin count of seven.

Currie raised prospects of registering a surprise away triumph with wins in the Singles and Triples but Bainfield managed to stage a thrilling escape to victory via their supremacy in the Pairs and Fours.

First blood went to Currie thanks to a strong performance from their spearhead figure Dean Fleming, who found himself against the collar at 15-11 down to opponent Alex Hurry but produced a grandstand finish that swept him to victory.

Fleming quickened his pace with a run of 3, 1, 1, 2, 2 that accelerated him into a 20-15 lead then answered a menacing 2, 1 fightback from Hurry with a single to clinch a 21-18 victory in 25 ends.

Bainfield knew they were under pressure from losing out in the Singles and a wobble in the Pairs from 9-3 up to 9-8 brought sweat to the brows of John Milne Jnr and Brian Stoddart against Colin Anderson and Andrew McKendrick. However, the home duo arrested their slide with a count of 3 then sandwiched the loss of 2 and 1 with a magic three that helped them secure a 15-12 victory.

It was an important two points for Bainfield as, in the Triples, Currie’s Stuart Fisher, John Anderson and Neil Fisher stormed into an 11-2 lead over Graham 
Fergus, Paul Millar, and Stuart Clark.

The latter burst onto the scene with a strong fightback that saw him card 4, (1), 3, 1, (1), 3 to bring things level at 13-13 playing the last where Currie edged a single to win 14-13.

The match-deciding spotlight focused on the climax to the Fours where the odds were favouring a home rink of David McNair, Stewart Jenkins, Adam Brock and Steven Pilley that had carded 4, (3), 7, 5, 4 to power into
 a 20-3 lead then they duly held on to deliver a 28-20 victory.

Elsewhere, Maitland were fired up by their spearhead figure Graeme McIntosh whose 21-14 win over Graeme Hyslop sparked an 8-0 victory over Willowbrae.

Other prelim round results: Craigentinny n/r v Dudley; Wardie 8, Portobello 0; Braid 2, Colinton 6; Jessfield 3, Ardmillan 5; LRF 4+, Whitehouse & Grange 4; Beechwood 2, Slateford 6; Goldenacre 8, Postal 0; Pilrig 4+, Parkside 4; Juniper Green 4+, Fountain Brewery 4.