Bowls: Bainfield back in business with win over Ayr

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Bainfield team manager Gavin Smith was delighted after his team kick-started their indoor bowls Premier League Section B campaign with a comprehensive victory over Ayr at the Hutchison Crossway Stadium.

The Capital elite had star figures James Hogg, Alan Brown and Josh Spalding back in their ranks after missing the opening defeat at Aberdeen and a late call-off by Alex Hurry Jnr saw Stuart Douglas make his debut. The victory was secured thanks to wins on the rinks skipped by Hogg, Craig Paterson and team boss Smith while Robert Marshall contributed a peel.

“Home teams get the chance to send out a positive signal in the early play so I was much encouraged that all four rinks gained a degree of first-phase supremacy over their opponents,” reflected Smith.

Bainfield’s positive start was reflected by a 33-14 domination of the first seven-end phase and, although it was a tougher call on the next two, the home side edged the middle phase 23-22 and the third and final one 34-30.

Hogg made the major contribution to the Bainfield cause as the outdoor cap skipped Mark McIntosh, Brian Stoddart and John McDermott to a roller-coaster 26-15 win over Stuart England.

The home rink made the best start across the carpet to capture their first seven-end phase 9-2 but then nose-dived in spectacular fashion to be blitzed 0-10 on the second phase before an amazing 6, 5, start to the third phase sparked a 17-3 revival which propelled them to the win.

Paterson, meanwhile, dropped four shots on his fourth end but overall dominated the first 11 to skip Jamie Reid, Danny McCourt and Daniel Gormley into a 14-7 lead that they converted into a 22-14 win over Jim Cuthbertson.

Smith picked up strongly from 3-2 down after four ends to skip his reshaped rink of Kerr McKail, Alan Brown and Stuart Douglas into a 15-5 lead after 13 ends against Alistair Reid then stayed on to register a 22-17 victory.

Marshall shaped up very well to skip Josh Spalding, Steven Pilley and Kevin Tennant into a 15-6 lead after 11 ends but a weak second half saw them 
settle for a 20-20 share with Stuart Wyllie.