Explosive strike backfires on Bainfield

Robert Marshall
Robert Marshall
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Bainfield suffered a 95-60 defeat at Aberdeen in their opening match of the indoor bowls Premier League.

End 15 brought a nightmare outcome for Robert Marshall after he looked to have produced an heroic conversion when ditching the jack with an explosive strike. But his bowl also winged Bainfield’s only back position on the carpet out of the rink, then the position of his striking toucher in the ditch was challenged and ruled to be out of play by a fraction of an inch –and so the potential of a two-shot conversion ended up as a cruel seven against.

Craig Paterson delivered an impressive performance for Bainfield, fighting hard to lead 11-9 after 14 ends before skipping Jamie Reid, Danny McCourt and Daniel Gormley to a 21-12 win over A McKay.

Gavin Smith and his rink of Adam Brock, Kerr McKail and Alex Hurry Jnr trailed 12-3 after nine ends and slumped to a 30-10 defeat from Mike Stephen.

Marshall and his front three of Stephen Pringle, Steven Pilley and Kevin Tennant stood 24-6 down after 15 ends and lost 26-13 to G Forbes.

Team captain Colin Hutchison skipped Mark McIntosh, Brian Stoddart and John McDermott into a 13-12 lead after 12 ends but suffered the loss of a 4 and a 5 as they slipped to a 27-16 defeat by E Gallan.