Kirkliston bowlers give two new competition formats a test run

The Kirkliston bowlers who tried out the two new formats
The Kirkliston bowlers who tried out the two new formats
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Members of Kirkliston BC turned out in substantial numbers to give a first test run to two new imaginative bowls formats given the prototype titles of ‘The SuperMix’ and ‘The Cheesetown Sandwich’.

The latter was inspired by the recent Olympic Games and seeks to translate the track relay event into a bowls format.

It sees a three-player team each in turn playing four ends of 2-Bowl Singles with the score accumulating after each handover. The process is then repeated for a second leg with the captain having the tactical option of changing the sequence.

The value of this emerged in the head-to-head featuring the Logan team of Grant (40), his son Kyle (9), and his cousin Calum (27) with Grant picking up the baton as third player in the first leg facing an 8-3 deficit.

Grant launched a 2, 2, 1, 2 fightback then, having elected to continue as the first player of the second leg, added 1, 2, 2, 2, to accelerate his team from 3-8 to 17-8. Son Kyle came back in as the middleman and added a blistering run of 2, 2, (2), 2 for a 23-10 handover that allowed Calum to contribute a finish of 2, 1, (1), 1 that powered the trio to a 27-11 win over Stewart Gilmour, Scott McMaster and Jordan Pearce.

The SuperMix called for two teams 19-strong each in number. The design of the format extends on a Top Ten line-up of Singles, Pair, Triple, Four with additional interest being added via a rink of 2-Bowl Singles x3, and a rink of 2-Bowl Pairs x3.

The scoring on the traditional rink of Fours, Triples, and Pairs was divided into three equal phases, the winner of each phase earning two points but, unlike set play, the scoreboard kept running to also give an aggregate win worth two points also.

The principal being that points are being clicked up across the rinks virtually every hour thereby keeping all concerned on their toes from start to finish. The format also sets up a pre-match selection challenge with team managers having to decide their allocation of players to each discipline but also his 1, 2, 3, order of play in the 2-Bowl Singles and Pairs..

The Kirkliston test run ended in a 24-24 share of the points triggering the tiebreak result in the 4-Bowl Singles where Jordan Pearce’s 21-16 win over Calum Logan tipped the final outcome in favour of Andi Gray’s Team.

Grant Logan summed up the day’s event by saying: “The SuperMix promises to be a cracking team event while the Cheesetown Sandwich went down a treat and has the potential of being an Open, County or internal club event.”