Tranent win East Lothian Jubilee Cup

he jubilant Tranent team show off the trophy after beating neighbours Cockenzie & Port Seton
he jubilant Tranent team show off the trophy after beating neighbours Cockenzie & Port Seton
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Reigning Scottish Pairs Champions Jim Bonner and Brian Young were the hero figures that helped Tranent capture the East Lothian Jubilee Cup with a shot-margin victory over Cockenzie & Port Seton in the final played at East Linton.

The final was a hard fought affair with the points shared 4-4 but wins in the Pairs and Fours combined to give ‘The Belters’ a handsome 16 shot superiority over their ‘seasiders’ opposition.

Etching the Tranent name on The Jubilee Cup comes with the exciting bonus of representing the East Lothian Banner in the 2016 Scottish Inter County Top Ten Tournament – a title won by Cockenzie & Port Seton in 2007.

“It’s great to end the outdoor season on the high of being crowned the East Lothian Top Ten Champions and to do so at the expense of formidable opposition enhances the value of our team performance on the day,” said a spokesman for Tranent.

The final started extremely well for Cockenzie & Port Seton with Scotland star Derek Oliver conjuring up his range of magic skills in spectacular style to crush Tranent icon figure John McCrorie, 21-7, in the Singles.

It’s a margin of victory that normally inspires a team to go on and win the match but in this case the only winning support was a 16-13 win for Jamie Gordon, Steven Thomson and Craig Valentine n the Triples against Alex Cormack, Davie Whitson and Jamie Higgins – but it simply wasn’t good enough to effect matters.

The game-changing result was stolen from Oliver in the Singles by Tranent Royalty in the shape of Bonner and Young who served up a brilliant masterclass display that overwhelmed Ronnie Branley and Steven Morgan, 33-6.

Their 27-shot contribution to the shot-margin bank became the dominant factor in the destination of the title and a 20-14 triumph in the Fours over Tommy Thomson, Gordon Bailiie, John Gearty and Colin Leishman triggered the Tranent celebrations.

The title clinching performance being served up by the rink of Kevin Cunningham, Davie Sands, Kevin Jones and Mathew Osborne.