West Lothian crash out

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As coupon busters go the exit of West Lothian in the preliminary round of the indoor bowls Scottish Fours Championship at East Fife IBC was a shocker as the star-studded rink of Bryan Cooper, James Speirs, Thomas Mann and Neil Speirs were the defending champions.

Neil Speirs and Mann stand fourth and fifth in the national ranking list while fellow cap Cooper is 16th and James Speirs 43rd.

Their reputation was trashed by the Abbeyview rink of Andy McGeorge, Nigel Walker, Ali McIntyre and Andrew Kennedy who crushed the superstars, 28-6.

West Lothian opened with a single but then conceded 5, 2, 1, 2, 2, 4, 4 to face a 20-1 deficit after eight ends and the reigning champions were dethroned after 16 of the scheduled 21 ends.

Abbeyview’s time in the limelight was ended by their 22-8 exit in the first round proper by the Mdlothian rink skipped by Colin Walker that went on to win the section and join Aberdeen, Lanarkshire and Prestwick in the last four.

Meanwhile, the Balbardie IBC rink skipped by Ewan Shearer was competing in the Glasgow IBC section but they did not last long as they were crushed 31-19 by Inverclyde in the preliminary round.