Boxing: Simmons Serbs notice of ambitions

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Edinburgh boxer Stephen Simmons proved too strong for Jovan Kaludjerovic as the Serbian was knocked out in the second round of Saturday’s clash in Glasgow.

Simmons simply overpowered his opponent with some fantastic combinations throughout the short contest, with Kaludjerovic unable to offer any real threat of his own.

Simmons believes he has come on considerably since making his decision to bring in new coach Danny Vaughan in 
September last year.

The 28-year-old said: 
“Saturday went really well and I felt like a different guy in the ring. My hands are fast, I’m strong and two of the knock-downs I landed on the guy were things Danny and I have been working on, so it’s nice when it pays off. My power has increased by about 40 per cent since my last fight in September and the first shot I landed I could see him wince.

“He (Kaludjerovic) came to win and from early on tried to land some big shots. He wasn’t like some of the other opponents I have boxed where they come for a pay day and just try to survive, but he wasn’t like that so it made it better for me as he was open and far easier to land the shots.”

With Simmons eager to land a shot at a British or Commonwealth title at some point this year, he will now sit down with manager Alex Morrison this week to discuss his next move.