Boxing: Win allows Tommy Philbin to take Christmas off

Tommy Philbin defeated Luke Allon on points last weekend. Pic: Toby Williams
Tommy Philbin defeated Luke Allon on points last weekend. Pic: Toby Williams
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MGM boxer Tommy Philbin says he was fearing the worst this Christmas had he lost to Hull’s Luke Allon at Meadowbank last weekend.

However, a sterling performance on the ‘Edinburgh Fight Night bill’ not only improved his pro-record to 2-0, the 25-year-old can now look forward to some downtime with his family over the festive period.

The Super middleweight boxer, who has two young children, said: “The kids are still young but my missus knows, and I know, that if I’d lost the fight it would have ruined my Christmas. But we can now all enjoy ourselves as I got the win I wanted.

“Ten weeks is a long time for a training camp and I still work full time as well. I don’t see my family that much. When I am in the house my kids will say to me ‘are you staying here today daddy’? and I have to tell them I’m going to training and that makes them sad.

“So I’ll have a couple of weeks off over Christmas with the family and then get ready for the next one.”

Philbin revealed his debut victory in September over Mitch Mitchell had been the more satisfying.

“I enjoyed the last one more because Mitchell actually came and gave me a fight,” he explained. “That guy [Allon] never came for a fight whatsoever as he kept running away. I still think it was a good performance, though.

“The fights now are so different from the amateurs as you’d just take fights when you could. You now put so much into it.

“I’m only going to really have a week off of not doing anything and then I’ll start back running. But from the new year, it will be back to the hard work in the gym again.”