John McCallum will quit boxing if he loses to Dalton Miller

John McCallum, left, expects last year's opponent Leon McKenzie, right, to be in the crowd. Pic: PA
John McCallum, left, expects last year's opponent Leon McKenzie, right, to be in the crowd. Pic: PA
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Super middleweight boxer John McCallum has revealed he will quit the sport for good should he fail to see off Dalton Miller at London’s York Hall tonight.

The Edinburgh fighter faces his English opponent for the British super middleweight challenge belt fully expecting to emerge with his ninth victory since joining the paid ranks in 2010.

The 28-year-old makes a swift return to the venue where he succumbed to his only defeat to former footballer Leon McKenzie in October hoping for a better outcome this time round.

“To be honest, I’ve set a certain standard in boxing so if I can’t beat Dalton Miller then that’s the end of the road for me,” McCallum admitted. “I’ve just turned 28 and have given my life to the sport and if I don’t win tonight then I’m never going to be where I want to be. Every boxer’s goal is to become a world champion.

“I know I said I would quit the last time with Leon, but I mean it 100 per cent. There were certain circumstances with the last fight that were outwith my control. I should be comfortably beating this guy tonight, there’s no two ways about it.”

Last month’s heated exchange whilst promoting the fight resulted in chairs being thrown in the direction of one another. McCallum, however, says he will let his fists do all the 
talking tonight.

“They think they’re going to cause an upset but that’s what that London mob are like. I’m a better boxer than he is so I’m confident I’ll win that belt,” he said. “I’m not interested in arguing, let’s just fight. We’ve both said what we had to say so let’s leave it at that. They keep referring to me as the ‘kid from Scotland’. Well, this kid from Scotland has got a name.

“Dalton is really close to Leon so I think Leon is loving all this hype as well. He’ll be there, that’s for sure. But I want to bring this belt back up to Edinburgh and hopefully we can start putting on shows up here. I’ve already got my manager’s license and want to have my promoter’s license so I can put on my own shows as well. I’ve got big plans.”